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Friday, April 24, 2009

Caprica: Watch on Panasonic VieraCast or Tivo HD

I want to watch the preview of next season's Caprica TV show and am looking into streaming it to my TV.

Amazon Video on Demand allows you to view the show online, download to a PC or portable device, and also send it to either a TiVo box or connected device, which in my case is a Panasonic TV with VieraCast.

Once you sign up and register your device, you can watch either way. The differences are interesting.

Let's look at hte specs:

File Size 3.8 GB
Bitrate 5000 kbps
Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Audio Channels 5.1
With the TiVo you are downloading the video and watching like you would any other TiVo show. NOte the audio is 5.1.

Pansonica VieraCast
Variable Bitrate
300 Kbps
600 Kbps 480p
900 Kbps 480p
1.2 Mbps 480p
2.5 Mbps 720p HD
Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Audio Channels 2
With VieraCast you are streaming the video in real time with no wait to start watching. Quality will vary depending on your bitrate.

I'm getting a download speed of 29,728 so I should see the highest quality.

Have you tried either of these methods. I'd love to hear you thoughts.

I purchased this episode on Amazon On Demand and when my purchase was complete, I clicked to Download it to my TiVo.

Got this acknowledgement back.

I like the idea of being able to pause the show with my TiVo.

Update II:

Just watched the Caprica downoad on the TiVo HD. Awesome. Perfect sound and picture qualtiy.

Great show too.

I'm looking forward to next year and the series.