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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Video Blogging Week 2009

Video Blogging Week has been going on since 2004. It started with about 10 videobloggers.

It's like national book writing month in that it pushes vldeo bloggers to post one new video a day for a week.

I put a new video up each day, some days more than one. It's changed since the early days where everyone had their own video blog and you knew where to go to see their videos.

Now, when I look at my videos and where they are hosted, I see that depending on the circumstances and content, the videos end up living in many different places. Videoblog, blog, Qik, YouTube...

Here they are:

Boston Pillowfight 2009 - Shot with Panasonic FX37 and edited with iMovie. First time using themes.

IKEA - Moments from Ikea shopping captured in a Flip mino HD and edited with FlipShare.

Stocking Jamaica Pond 2009 - Shot with Panasonix FX37 point and shoot camera

Stocking Jamacia Pond 2009 - Shot with Panasonnic SDR-SW20 waterproof camera

Stocking Jamaica Pond 2009 - Shot with Panasonic SD100 pro-sumer camera with shotgun mic attached

Stocking Jamaica Pond [SD100] - Same as above, Hosted on

Turkey for Passover - SD100. There was a huge turkey in my neighborhood.

Boston Water and Sewer Improvements - FX37. Boston Water and Sewer is doing some work in the neighborhood and on this day water was everywhere.

Sony Webbie HD Test Video - First test, direct upload to YouTube.

Digital Marketing World - SnapZPro X screen capture of video I shot of Ann Handley that was used in a virtual conference.

Emerson College Students - Shot and streamed live with Nokia N95-3 Cellphone using Qik

Road Test: Sony Webbie HD - Testing out the Sony Webbie HD MHS-PM1. Edited with iMovie 09. Testing out the mic.