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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Get A Job at HubSpot

Hubspot TV

In my final lecture of the semester at BU I talked about how to get a job. The example I used was for a Paid Summer Audio/Video Internship that's available at Hubspot.

Here are the contact details:
Rebecca Corliss
You could just call over to Hubspot and ask to speak with Rebecca, but I think there's a better way.

Show HubSpot that you can already do the job and that you understand what the company does before you call.

This will take some work, but it'll be worth it.

1. Visit the company's website.

Head over to and read about the company. Learn about the products and services that they provide.

Hey, they've got a blog. What are they writing about? Oh look, there are some videos there. What kinds of videos are they currently making? Music Videos?

You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing.


2. Learn and understand what they do.

Figure out what the company does and be able to explain it to someone.

3. Do the job.

Think about it. Who are they going to be interested in hiring, someone who knows nothing abot the company, or someone who has spent some quality time getting to know what HubSpot does and what they are about?

This is a video job. Be able to point them to your website where you can show off your video production skills. Make a video that they might be able to use on their site and post it to the web. Show them that you have the skills needed to do the job.

4. Get to know people from the company.

Visit Rebecca's twitter feed and blog. See what she has to say about the company.

HubSpot opens up their offices every Friday at 4:00 when they broadcast a live web tv show, Go to that. Meet the people. See what they are like and find out more about the company's needs for audio and video.

Let me know when you get hired.

UPDATE 4/28 4:19 PM:
I met my friend Rick Burnes at this morning's Social Media Breakfast, and he told me that he had also just written a post about how to get a job, Ten Tips for Marketing Job-Seekers in the Class of 2009.

Guess what the irony is? He works at HubSpot and interviews people!