Thursday, April 30, 2009 Blogger Bunch

I'm going to be back on today at 12:00 with Rachel Campos-Duffy and John Robb talking about Obama and possibly H1N1.

Follow me on twitter for live updates and converstion while I'm live.

How to Watch
When you go over to, you'll see four thumbnails on the left hand side of the page. Each of those thumbnail images indicates a LIVE CNN video stream.

At noon, those will change and you'll see one of the thmbnails that says something about Obama.

The user interface of this page could be improved to make it more clear that the images on the left will lead you to a live stream when clicked.

Simply adding text would help.

Update from CNN:

They are workign at improving this. Also, at noon there will be a banner at the top of’s main page that will send people to the live stream.

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