Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Social Media Breakfast at Puma City Boston

CC Chapman - Social Media Breakfast at Puma City Boston

I was back at Puma City yesterday for the Social Media Breakfast. I took the Orange line in, stopping at Downtown Crossing and then wandering around there for a while trying to decipher the directions to the Silver Line. Took the Red Line to South Station, and got on the Silver Line for one stop to the Courthouse.

Got there early at 8:05 and mingled with so many great people, I won't be able to list them all.

Next up were some presentations on Puma, Saving the Bay, Getting a Job, passion and clickable videos. I used the time to shoot some photos while listening.

Went to lunch afterwards at YadaYada, 34 Farnsworth Street. Great place. I had a cabbage sald with feta and beans. So good.

Here are some twitter names from the lunch crowd:

@jeffcutler @cmajor @stuartcfoster @yiseowl @bostonmarketer @ariherzog @mikelangford @kevinpalmer @jessica_kane @Mathurrell @richsands

Jeff Cutler grabbed a quick Qik video:

Yes, the camera is close to your face. Good audio.

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  1. You took all the fun angle pictures that I was thinking about taking, but never moved around to get the shot.

    Good to see you as always and such a cool location for the event.