Monday, April 20, 2009 Stats

I never check stats on my site.

I just clicked around Dreamhost while trying to solve my email problem.

How would you talk about these stats? 54K visits per week?

Note that these numbers don't include all my blogs, videos hosted all over the web, and twitter activity.

I'd need an accounting firm to total up all my views.

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  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    "Visits" in the context of web analytics generally refer to a user's session (however many pages they browse without more than a 30 minute or so break). So 54k visits wouldn't be accurate in this sense. What the stats are telling you is that you had 54k files requested from your site, which would include pages, images, CSS files, etc.

    Unfortunately, log-based stat solutions like what Dreamhost uses only give you a tiny part of the picture in regards to the traffic to your site. To get truly useful information, you need something like Omniture SiteCatalyst or Google Analytics (the latter of which is free) which can tell you the number of visits, unique visitors, etc. to your site, as well as helping you understand more details about the user's behavior while they're there (how long do they stay? what features of the site do they use the most?)

    Hope this helps!