Monday, April 27, 2009

Steve Garfield: Featured on the Ideas Project

Ideas Project: Citizen journalism will break into network news:
"Pioneering videoblogger Steve Garfield says that a combination of technologies will make it possible to stream live reports from the cell phones of citizen journalists to network news. The tremendous advantages this offers in the way of ubiquity, cost-effectiveness, and authenticity will almost certainly bring the kind of disruptive effect to television media that Internet audience dynamics has had on traditional print journalism."
Very cool set of interviews I did with Nokia at SXSW.

There are four parts to the interview:

part 1 Citizen Journalism and tools I use including Mogulus, also references The Uptake and Qik.

part 2 Integration of Mogulus and Qik!

part 3 TV embracing the audience

part 4 NECN, snowstorm, Mogulus, Qik

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