Friday, April 10, 2009

Awesome Emerson Students

Awesome Emerson Students

Utterli Audio Post from John Wilper's Emerson Class.

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Some post class tweets:

kaex88 OH: how much was that camera? @stevegarfield: I don't know, they sent it to me... (3 different times for 3 different cameras!! LOL)

JohnWBZ @stevegarfield happy to follow students at my alma mater. Proud Emerson alum here (the TV business is littered with us)

chyacinthe Went to a fun lecture w/ @kaex88 from @stevegarfield Great stuff shown!

_jaime Laughing at the video @stevegarfield took at my internship meeting today.

apriliris @stevegarfield thanks for following me! great talk today -- love your boundless curiosity!

chyacinthe @stevegarfield Thanks for your presentation today, Steve! It was great to see how you integrated so many services to your advantage.

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