Monday, September 11, 2006

A Podcast Thunderstorm at PodCamp

Here are some portions of my PodCamp Boston session, A Podcast Thunderstorm, about how easy it is to get started with audio and video podcasting.

You don't need expensive equipment to get started. In this presentation I used my cell phone to make an audio podcast and a Canon S400 digital still camera to shoot and upload video to my blog.

It's so easy infact that Beth Kantor Kanter who was in the session and started podcasting and vlogging right away.

Beth's video podcast of me loading my video onto the mac and dialing in to Hipcast on a cell phone and video of my interview of Henry from PodZinger.

Here's the resulting audio podcast with Henry.


  1. Steve - my name is spelled Kanter -- and no relationship to Marc Canter who spells him name wrong.

    Also, I've been doing some experimenting with vlogging, but not with hipcast and the genre of "moment sharing" --

  2. Hi Beth,
    I fixed the spelling of your name.